Gena Rider

Certified Full Spectrum Energy Practitioner 

Certified Biofield Tuning/Sound Healing Practitioner 

Reiki Master

I discovered Energy Medicine on a long and winding path. A 15-year career in medical insurance gave me great insight into traditional medicine, but working with people one-on-one in Health and Wellness was my passion. As a Certified Fitness Instructor and Franchise Owner for 9 years, supporting people in their quest for better health was fun and fulfilling! That all came to a screeching halt 8 years ago when I was sidelined with chronic back pain. I know how it feels to be stressed out, in pain and unable to do what you love. Years of cortisone shots, physical therapy and countless medications left me depressed and facing spine surgery at 45. It became essential to explore all options to avoid surgery and reclaim my life.


​I began practicing Reiki in 2008 and found a sense of relaxation, spiritual connection and curiosity. I added Yoga, Acupuncture, Biofield Tuning and several other alternative modalities, and began to understand that my physical pain was directly connected to emotions and trauma I’d buried long ago. By releasing trapped energy and identifying the correlation, I found relief and was able to get out of pain. I GOT MY LIFE BACK- NO Surgery! AND, I discovered a new way to help others.

Whether it's the daily stress of life, family, money, work and relationships, or old traumas buried deep inside, we all suffer somehow; we experience it as pain, insomnia, brain fog, adrenal fatigue, depression, PTSD and inflammation, just to name a few. Moving 'stuck' energy promotes healing, brings relaxation and relief from "dis-ease". When we bring emotions to the surface through subtle energy movement, we can clear them in a safe and supportive environment. With gentle touch and special tuning fork protocols, we balance your energy flow, calm the nervous system, create internal unity and stimulate your immune system to heal itself.

I certified as a Master Healer in a 3-year Full Spectrum Healing program at RTI, and more recently, in Sound Balancing Therapy at the Biofield Tuning Institute. This was a natural fit for me, as my whole life has revolved around sound, vibration and movement as a professional vocalist and dance fitness teacher. I am inspired every day, witnessing the breakthroughs and freedom of releasing trauma, anxiety, pain and illness. When you understand how deep-rooted beliefs and behavioral patterns hold you back, build new self-care habits, and learn to live wholeheartedly, you create infinite possibility for growth. My experience and training, along with heart-centered compassion, will support you in navigating life’s challenges and identify where and how to and create lasting change. I look forward to being beside you on your journey, as you learn to trust your inner knowing, access your strength and power, and create a more relaxed, meaningful, vitality-filled life.

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