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that gives birth to

New Ideas,

New Ways

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COVID-19 Update 8/1/20

Although many offices have been given the Green Light to Re-open in MA, for your health and safety, and mine, I am choosing to continue Remote Sessions only.

I hope to see you in-person very soon! 


Clients report having sessions in the comfort of their own homes to be a wonderful benefit.

Remote healing is very effective and powerful. To read more and

See Remote Healing Testimonials Click Here 

Be Safe and Be Well

Hugs, Gena

How would it feel to manage your stress with ease, relax, sleep better, feel more joy?  

Have the confidence to make grounded conscious decisions around money, family and relationships?  

When energy gets blocked and compromised due to daily stress, emotions and past experiences, it shows up in our bodies

as anxiety, pain, insomnia, brain fog, fatigue, depression, inflammation and illness.    

 Using Full Spectrum Healing Techniques, Tuning Fork Therapy and Reiki, we clear the energetic tangles, find an expression

for the tension and emotions that keep us from moving forward in life. We open to our innate potential! 

By inducing deep targeted relaxation we strengthen your immune system and support healing

on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. 

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